Monday, December 21, 2009

A New Toy

 PC180062 PC180063 PC180064 PC180074 PC180089PC180088 PC180090 PC180094PC180096 PC180102 PC180099 PC180107 PC180108 PC180111 PC180112 PC180113 PC180114

This is the kids Christmas present from Grandma Peggy (Rob’s mom).  It was delivered a couple of weeks ago via 18 wheeler and Rob put it together on Saturday.  It is huge and should last a LONG time since it is the same quality as those on a school playground. 

Let the fun begin!!


Chelle said...

WOW!! THat looks like YEARS of fun!!! Cool gift.

Cinnamon said...

Oh that does look like fun. At our house we'd say "it's a monkey toy for our monkeys :-)

Yes I did get your email about not getting my emails :-/ I'll email you :-) hee hee


Jenn said...

Oh how fun!!!!

The Munck Family said...

Such an awesome much fun!!!