Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little Visitor

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Tuesday, we had some friends over to play.  The visiting boy along with my crew and his sisters came in with a bird in his hand.  I couldn’t believe there was a bird in my kitchen!  His mother and I were very concerned about this little bird.  We didn’t know (still don’t know) if he was sick, dying, or just starting to learn his ways. 

We took the bird back outside (I grabbed the camera!) to see what it would do on the ground.  It ran a little and hid.  The kids got it again and it just stood there opening its beak at us.  Then, it spread its wings and flew off into the bushes.  Not sure what happened after that because we haven’t seen it since. 

We’ve been having deer but I didn’t expect to see a baby bird in the middle of winter.  It has been cold (for us) in the Deep South.  It was supposed to be in the teens last night but not sure  if it made it.  It is in the 20s today.  Hope the little bird survived!


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet looking bird. Hope he was OK!

Jenn said...

Uh oh. I hope the little bird made it too! It was pretty cold!