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Thursday, our homeschool group went on a field trip to the LSU Fire and Emergency Training Institute.  People come from all over the country to train here at this academy.  It is a 14 week academy.  The recruits stay on campus the entire time except on the weekends in which they are allowed to go home.  During their training, there are simulations for all kinds of situations that may happen in real life.  When they leave the academy, they will be ready for a career as a fire fighter.

We started out in a classroom where the children watched a video that showed what the recruits go through during their training.  Each class has to make a video presentation of their 14 week experience which is set to music.  It was very interesting.  You could see that it is a very tense 14 weeks for these recruits…like boot camp!

P1270006a P1270011a P1270016


After the video, some of the recruits did a 2 minute drill.  They had to get dressed in their entire outfit and equipment in 2 minutes or less.  They made it a race to see which one could finish first.  By the way, this is a drill that the recruits complete every day.  You’ll see in the last picture of this group who won.

P1270027 P1270031 P1270032

P1270033 P1270035 P1270036

Once the drill was over, the children and adults were able to go and talk to the recruits.  They were able to touch the uniforms and equipment.  All of this stuff adds an additional 70 pounds to their body weight.

You’ll see Emma at the bottom of this group with Mrs. Starr.  She didn’t want to have anything to do with the recruits and she said she didn’t want to ride the fire truck!!   

P1270039 P1270041 P1270042

P1270043 P1270045P1270046 P1270057

This weekend they were having an equipment show.  There were all different fire trucks and engines along with other sales reps. coming in while we were there getting ready for the show.  Some of the trucks were brand new straight from the manufacturer.  You’ll see some of those pics along with other vehicles from LSU FETI.  Also, you’ll see some of the props (real life-size) that they use for training.

P1270062 P1270060

While we were touring, there was a crew from BASF chemical plant practicing a fire simulation that can occur at the plant.  We got to see part of one burn and see them start another.

P1270063 P1270065 P1270067

P1270072 P1270076 P1270077

Do you see the pond?  That’s where they get their water supply instead of the city supply.  That would be a lot of city water if they didn’t supply their own.

P1270077 P1270079

P1270080 P1270082 P1270087

P1270094 P1270097

P1270102 P1270103

This is a train wreck with train track,  It made me think of the movie, Fireproof.


You can see the BASF firefighters huddled under the covered area after the fire was extinguished.  They are probably going through what they did correctly and incorrectly before they set the next fire.

P1270106 P1270107

Abram wanted me to take a picture of him holding his ticket that he had brought with him.  Silly boy!!! 

Tate and Luke like to take a picture together when they are together.

P1270109  P1270111

This is a ship that is used for training.  The burning going on today was for more industrial practice than practical every day experience. 


These are pictures from the second burning we watched.

P1270119 P1270122 P1270125

P1270126 P1270128 P1270131


Sarah got carried around by her friend, Martha, and her oldest brother, Cade.

P1270134 P1270143

Another truck, watching the burn, and a helicopter for more practicing.

P1270140 P1270141 P1270145

This is an extra picture that I took while we were walking.  A plane flew over our head and I snapped it.


More practice vehicles (Abram took the second plane photo.)

 P1270149 P1270150 P1270151

P1270153 P1270154

Smiley Abram and Miriam walking backwards.

P1270158 P1270160

P1270161 P1270162 P1270163 P1270165 P1270167

P1270168 P1270171

At the end of the tour, everyone got to ride in a fire truck.  Here are the boys getting ready to ride.  Smiling Asa hanging out during the rides.

P1270175 P1270181

Here’s a group shot of Candi and her children.  They were all wearing their LSU shirts for the occasion.


P1270195 P1270200 P1270204

Look at Cai waving from the front seat of the truck.  I caught this picture when they were pulling in to park.

P1270207 P1270212 

A group picture of me and my children.


P1270214 P1270219

Here’s a picture of our group minus some parents who didn’t get in the photo.

4x6 DSC_2241

This was a great field trip.  Thanks so much to Capt. Crain for hosting us.  The kids enjoyed it and it was very educational too.

You can go to Candi and Tracy’s blogs to see more pictures from this field trip.


Tracy said...

Great field trip! Glad we came! Thanks.

Cinnamon said...

That's awesome!! Talk about a great field trip :-)

My two brothers are firemen. Well my older brother died about 10 yrs ago but my younger brother is still a fireman and when we've visited him he always give the kids a tour. They love it!!


Anonymous said...

looks like ya'll had a ball! We hated to miss it

Jenn said...

Aw man!!! I HATE that I missed this one. I heard it was just FANTASTIC. I have lots of pictures I've been seeing that prove it.