Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Update #3 ~ Waiting for a Decision

I spoke to the nurse from San Antonio today.  She told me that not all babies with this type of craniosynostosis (Metopic Suture Synostosis) have to have surgery.  She listed some characteristics of this and I’m not sure if Asa fits those.  We’ll wait and see. 

I took pictures of him today that they requested.  (Shots of his head from the front, sides, and top.)  Plus, I picked up a copy of the CT scan on CD and shipped it FedEx Next Day mail.   It should get there tomorrow.  The doctor will review my pictures and the CT scan and determine if he needs surgery or not.

Just wanted to let you know what is going on thus far with Asa’s situation.  Once again, thank you for your prayers.  We serve a mighty God!

To Him be the glory forever…Amen.


Cinnamon said...

Does that mean he might not have to have surgery? How wonderful that would. Would it then just "heal" on it's own? Been praying for you~


Mountain Mama said...

continuing to pray for sweet Asa!

Cynthia said...

I cannot imagine how anxious you must be. Praying for your family and Asa's healing.

8)(8 said...

I am happy that information is being exchanged quickly.

Jenn said...

We are still praying here. Thank you for the update and PTL for quick mail delivery!