Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another bug!!


Since we are talking about bugs (stomach bugs and such), let me ask you a question.  Does anyone else have a problem with Potato Bugs?

They are everywhere but mostly in one corner of my living room.  We noticed them when we moved in a year ago but didn’t think much of them because they were gone once it warmed up.  Some one told us that they were Potato bugs even though they look like Lady bugs. 

Once again, they have been back since about December.  They remind me of our dreaded “love bug season” only they are in my house instead of outside.  You can find them lying on the ground dead..lots of them..daily.  We have to continually vacuum them up to keep the living room clean.  Every now and then, you will find them in another room.  They seem to like the color white and therefore hang out on my curtains too.

See what I mean.

P1210060 P1210065 P1210066

Let me know if you have any info regarding these bugs.  I would love to hear out it!!



Mountain Mama said...

We don't have those out here. At least they are not spiders!

Anonymous said...

Well, they sure look like lady bugs too me. Ladybugs migrate here during the fall and they do this in groups. When they find a place to stay for awhile they leave a "smell" mark to let their friends know where they are and then they all huddle together to stay warm.

In our second house they were so insane the side of the house would have massive red blotches... but when they got in the house it was just crazy. Totally covering my crown molding. Oh the smell to sweep them up.

Homeschool Toolbar said...
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Tiany said...

Yes, they are ladies bugs and they do this in the winter when they have found a comfy spot to go to each year.

Here is a link that should help...

We have had these come in small swarms but nothing too invasive.

So happy to hear about Asa!!

momoflots said...

My parents have the same winter guests in their home up here in Washington State. My mom carefully carries them outside to her green house as they are a beneficial insect. They can be a nusiance though - my mom finially gave in and has now decorated her kitchen with lady bug curtains and such!!