Monday, February 8, 2010

Enjoying an Evening Together


One night last week Rob made a big pot of coffee, lit the fire in the fireplace, turned out all the lights in that area of the house, and lit some candles.  We made us a cup of coffee along with some of the older kids while the little ones pretended with their little cups and sat in the living room enjoying the calmness of the room. 

It was such a nice evening to just sit their in the dark enjoying one another.  Some sat on the floor by the fire whiles others laid in our laps cuddled together.  It was a peaceful time talking with one another. 

There must be something about the darkness with just flickers of light that quieted the voices of everyone.  Oh how, I enjoyed that evening.  It was a nice time of relaxing and enjoying one another.  That is not something that happens very often in a home with 8 little people ranging in age from 10 years old to almost 5 months especially with 6 of them being boys



Jenn said...

Maybe you should have dim lights and candles more often. :) That would be such a nice break. Very sweet of you hubby to do such a kind deed.

Tracy said...


Katie said...

that sounds like such a wonderful and relaxing night! glad everyone enjoyed it!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds so relaxing!

Mountain Mama said...

Oh how nice! I love a nice fire and loved ones around me. Next time, let us know and we will bring our tea/coffee cups and join you :)
ps sorry for the sad post. it was a hard one to write...well, just the ending.

Cinnamon said...

Isn't it fun!! Dim lights do have a way of softening everything, bringing togetherness and give a sort of excited mystery to the evening. We try and practice candlelight a lot during the long winter nights~


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

What a blessing God granted you and your family to spend some quiet time enjoying one another. I am sure you guys bonded that night and will be a memory your kids speak of when they get older.