Tuesday, February 23, 2010


P2190026 P2190027 P2190028 P2190032 P2190033 P2190036

P2190045 P2190039 P2190047 P2190044 P2190052 P2190053  P2190055 These are pictures that Rob took on Saturday while I was gone to a baby shower.  The boys climbed trees and the littles played around the yard.  Looks like they had a great time.  Rob said at one time he looked out and saw four older boys up in different trees all at once.  Can you see some of them up in the trees?


Jenn said...

How sweet of Rob to take pics for you. Looks like they sure enjoyed their time with Dad while you enjoyed some girl time!

Cinnamon said...

Very boyish to be up in the tree with your weapon!! So funny!


8)(8 said...

They are all adorable.

Chelle said...

That was very thoughtful of your husband to take some pictures while you were out. I love the pics of the boys in the trees. :)