Friday, February 19, 2010

A Stump, A Frisbee, and a Boy

See the short tree below.  This is a tree that Rob cut down at the end of the summer.  He left it taller so he wouldn’t mow over it until it was taken care of properly.  Now, it’s a tall stump.P2180025

Last night, the boys were outside running around chasing Frisbees but with a twist that included light sabers and swords!  Tate was trying to catch one and he ran into that “stump” in the mean time.  I believe the “stump” won the encounter:)  (By the way, the stump is about Tate’s height.)  He was laid out on the ground crying loudly and bleeding.  Cade came in to get us while Emma was frantic on the patio worried about her brother.

I went down there to check on him and made sure he was all right.  There was blood from the outside of his face and blood inside his mouth.  I thought he had messed up some teeth too but they seem to all be intact.


Here he is laid out on the sofa in the sitting area.  I gave him a bag of frozen peas to put on his face because it was already getting puffy.  He laid there holding the ice peas and crying more. (None of my children have ever liked putting ice on a “bo bo”.  So, it must have really hurt!) 

He asked, “What was I doing and what happened?”  Rob answered him.  Then, he asked me the same thing a few minutes later.  He just kept asking the same thing over and over again.  We would answer again.  We think he might have had a slight concussion.

He ended up eating supper and watching some of the winter Olympics before bed.  He woke up this morning doing fine. 

Below are a couple of pictures right after it happened:



This is what he looked like this morning!



We didn’t let him go out and play today.  He had to stay inside instead.  The children and I went to Wal-mart this morning to get groceries and then he was able to watch a movie.  He wasn’t too worried about staying in while his brothers and sisters played.  They even came in some and watched with him!


Mountain Mama said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - Amy, how awful. That is a war wound a boy will be proud to show off though!

Cinnamon said...

Poor little fella~ That owie looks like it's tender and would hurt if even breathed on. But he's a boy right? And what do boys like to show off to everyone they meet? Their scars :-)

Glad he's feeling good today~


Taryn said...

Ouch! That sure looks painful! I'm glad he's OK. That must have been a little scary having him asking the same questions over and over. He's tough!

8)(8 said...

I hope he doesn't hurt for too long.

Jenn said...

OUCH!! That is one bad bo-bo!! I can't imagine what you felt when he couldn't even remember what had happened. He will be proud of it in just a few short days. I know that is how my Aaron is anyways.

Kristy said...

Yikes! Poor baby! That tree looked like it could have done that to anyone (the things we don't realize until too late!). None of my kids ever liked getting ice (or frozen veggies) on their bo-bo's either!

Lori Dupre Jackson said...

Awww...poor sweet boy!

Amy said...

Tate wanted me to let you know that he's ok. He's says it is fine if you breathe on it..doesn't hurt too bad anymore!

Katie said...

Oh my - I hope he's doing much better now!! Poor little guy!

(sorry I'm late commenting on this. I've been neglecting my reader.)

Chelle said...

OUCH!! Poor Tate. Glad it was not worse than what it was. It looks horrible. I can't imagine what that feels like :(