Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Emma’s Special Friend Day

Saturday, Candi took Miriam and Emma to the mall for a girly day in honor of Miriam’s birthday.  (This was in place of a party!)  They started at the Build-A-Bear Workshop, followed by lunch at Chick-fil-a, a ride on the carousel, and a cookie.


They picked out matching bunnies.


Emma waiting to bring her bunny to life.P2260235 P2260239 P2260240

You can see Asa and Micah hanging out with us.

Miriam waiting while her bunny gets her stuffing!

P2260244 P2260259 P2260260 P2260261

Here Emma is bringing her bunny to life by rubbing the bunny’s heart on her head, her heart, her nose, her tummy, and putting it in her bunny.P2260265 P2260269 P2260285  P2260289 P2260280 

They picked out matching outfits, dressed them, registered them to get their birth certificates. 

Introducing Hunny Bunny (Emma) and Sunny Bunny (Miriam):P2260286

Next, Candi took them to Claire’s to pick out Best Friend necklaces.  You can see Hunny Bunny is wearing Emma’s part.

P2260299 P2260310 P2260318

After lunch, we went to make some returns for Candi.  The girls were having fun…can’t you see!!P2260331 Miriam, the star:)P2260332

Where was Rob and the others during this time?

They were at home moving furniture and ripping up the carpet in our bedroom and the girls/Asa’s bedroom because we are getting wood floors installed on Friday.  (He even took all 6 of the other children out to eat at a Chinese buffet for lunch!)

Emma and Sarah are sleeping upstairs with the boys.  Asa is still in his room while Rob and I are living in the living room right now!  (Sleeping on the sofa bed.)  It’s been crazy!!! 

Also, the children and I are traveling to Houston tomorrow to visit some friends for a few days.  We’ll head back on Saturday afternoon.  Pray for us as we travel plus Rob won’t be with us.

That’s what we’ve been doing (or going to do)!  What are you doing?

You can see more pictures of their special day here at Candi’s blog!


Anonymous said...

What a fun day! We've only been there once but the kids loved it.

Kristy said...

That looks and sounds like a great way to spend the day! Fun Fun!!

Tracy said...

How FUN!!! Great to have a best friend!

8)(8 said...

So cute!