Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun at the Zoo

This past week we had visitors.  My mom came in on Monday and left on Thursday while my aunt and uncle (my mom’s sister and brother) came in on Wednesday and left on Saturday.  They were on Spring Break from school so they were able to come visit us. 

It was a fun time with all of them.  We had a busy week.  Tuesday we went to Candi’s house to play with Nana.  Thursday we went to the zoo with Aunt Pat and Uncle Herbie.  Rob and I were able to have a night together on Thursday. 

Anyway, we went to our local zoo and had a great time.  Here are some pictures of our day:


P3170666 P3170668

P3170672 P3170679 P3170681

P3170685 P3170693 P3170695

P3170699 P3170706

This bird likes to talk to us.



These were some pretty “love” birds:)  You could definitely tell that spring was in the air!

 P3170720 P3170729

P3170712 P3170730

P3170732 P3170735


P3170742 P3170758


P3170762 P3170763

 P3170765 P3170768 P3170771

P3170777 P3170789

P3170799 P3170801

P3170805 P3170805 P3170815


Our zoo has a nice play area for the kids to play.  This was a good stopping point for me to nurse Asa.


P3170816 P3170818 P3170821

P3170822 P3170825 P3170823

P3170826 P3170832 P3170830


P3170837 P3170840 P3170841

P3170848 P3170853

 P3170857 P3170859

We had a great time!  The kids love to ride the train but we skipped it this time so we could go get lunch.  It was already 1:30 by the time we left the zoo but they had already had snacks to hold them until we ate.  We left the zoo and went to a pizza buffet.  In case I haven’t told you before, my kids LOVE buffets…any buffet:)


Kristy said...

Looks like great fun - love all the pictures! We will have to "do the zoo" next!

Anonymous said...

A white peacock - my son loves those but we've never seen one in person!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Lots of fun! My favorite are the elephants and spider monkeys!!!
Glad you had a nice time!!! A few yrs. ago we didn't think your Uncle was going to "make it" but God had other plans. It is a blessing to see him walking around the zoo with you and Aunt Pat!

Jenn said...

What a beautiful day for the zoo. It looks like the crowd was pretty slim also.

Katie said...

What a super fun day!!! And thank God for someone who thought to put in a playground with covered seating!!

...I'm so sorry I haven't commented for such a long time!

Mountain Mama said...

What a fun day! Lo-ove the zoo!!!