Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Homeschool Activity ~ Girls

Friday (after the wreck), we went to one of our homeschool families house for the girls to make goodies.  Gina has been wanting to do this activity for a while with the girls but we kept moving it around in our schedule.

She had things ready for the girls so that it would be easier and quicker.  Some of the girls wore little aprons too.

P4220271 P4220274 P4220277


P4220279 P4220283


Here are some of the little ones playing in another room while the girls are in the kitchen.P4220297

P4220292 P4220315

Making a special dessert for the adults.

P4220317 Sarah was over in the corner trying to figure out if she could try one of the goodies.  You can tell that Emma had tried some herself by looking at her face:)

P4220318 P4220319 P4220321

The girls all got to get a spoonful of the adults dessert to try since they made it:)


The girls all seemed to have a great time!

The boys were outside making a craft.  That will be the next post!  It is very hard to try and take pictures of two different groups in two different areas.  I ran back and forth so I could watch my girls and my boys enjoying their day.


AJ said...

Oh so scary how much your children have grown in the last six months. Sarah and Abram, in particular, the maturity in the faces reminds me to "redeem the time".

Jenn said...

That bottom picture of them is so cute!