Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Pictures

After church on Easter, we went to The Lindsay’s house for Easter lunch.  We’ve been doing this for several years now.  It is always interesting to see how the group pictures will turn out as our families keep growing.  Trying to get 13 kids ages 10 and under to all look at the camera at the same time is a great task:)

Our Family 

4x6-0410 307

The Shelby and Lindsay children

4x6-0410 293

The Shelbys and Lindsays

4x6-0410 277

Rob and I, Craig and Candi

4x6-0410 321 

Our group will be larger next year too.  The Lindsay’s are expecting a new blessing in July 2010.


Anonymous said...

It looks like they came out great!

Lori Dupre Jackson said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Great photos! I love the fun, bright, springy colors.

Tracy said...

Cute!!! Nice shots.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

I,also, love all the bright, cheerful colors. Good family photo!

Katie said...

Those are such great pictures!!! I'd call it a success if no one's blinking...but it looks like everyone's smiling, too! :)

Cinnamon said...

Okay I've sort of gotten caught up on what you've been up to :-) How fun you went camping!

Your Easter pic's turned out lovely!

An addition on the house to make more room for Jesus to fill up your house with love :-)

Love the sling!

Congratulations to your husband!! You must be so proud~

Did I forget anything? Probably but it looks as though you've been having a wonderful beginning of spring!


Jenn said...

Excellent job getting a group picture. I think they may be used to cameras. :)