Saturday, April 24, 2010


that the children and I were

not hurt yesterday!





I know the damage doesn’t look that bad but it could have been a LOT worse had I not seen her coming.  When I saw her heading out of the shopping parking lot barreling across the highway to my side, I knew she was going to hit us so I swerved over to the farther lane to try to help her avoid us.  Had I not seen her it would have been a lot more serious with possible injuries to the the children. 

I will tell you that her vehicle had to be towed off so my BIG van is pretty sturdy:)  Another problem with the damage is how do they fix big vans like these since the whole side is one solid panel?  We’ll see.  She did have insurance so that is good and they have already contacted me.  They are sending someone to my home next week to look at our van.

All I can say is Thank You Lord for being so gracious to us!


The LORD is my strength and

my shield;in him my heart

trusts, and I am helped;my

heart exults,and with my song

I give thanks to him.

Psalm 28:7


Anonymous said...

It's so awful being in a car accident. A girl turned in front of me 4 years ago and totaled my van while I had all four kids with me. Very scary for all of us.

Glad all of you are fine

Cinnamon said...

Soo glad you and the kids were safe!!

Praise the Lord for He is good!


Me said...

Glad you are all ok. I am sure that was scary, good reaction though!

Jenn said...

PTL that you are all fine. Good thinking and observing mom!!!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Thank the Lord for His mercy on your family! I am glad all my little friends and their mom is ok!

8)(8 said...

I am glad you are all okay.