Monday, May 24, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 7

Progress continued this week which was good.  The weather held out on us so that they could get more work on the house in order to keep the water out.

The roof is completely finished on the shop and the doors and other window was installed.

P5141082 P5171110 P5141083

They finished framing the roof and cut out the dormers for the upstairs windows.  We are waiting for our windows to come in that we ordered.

P5141084 P5141085 P5141088

P5171113 P5171117 P5171120

They got all of the osb boards up for the outer walls around the addition.  Felt was put on the roof and they started roofing yesterday.  They will be back at it on Monday.  We decided to go with a different color so we are having the entire house reroofed this week as well.  This house has been through several big hurricanes plus a tree had fallen on it after Hurricane Gustav before we moved in.  Also, we’ve been wanting to change the colors on the house so we thought this might be a good time to start :)

P5181145 P5181142

P5181146 P5181149

They have framed most of the rooms in the upstairs and the downstairs.  I guess I could have taken pictures of that but it’s harder to see the different rooms without sheetrock so I will show you soon.

Next week, the framing should be finished and maybe they will start on the patio cover extension, the stairs will be built, and possibly some bricking on our shop.  Not sure how much will get done because we will be out of town for half the week to go visit family.  They can’t brick the house addition until we get the windows in which will be the following week.

Until next week…


Pat said...

Wow! It it looking good!!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

"To the work, to the work...toiling on..toiling on..." :)

Anonymous said...

That looks AMAZING!

Jenn said...

WOW!! I just can't get over how HUGE your house is looking. How is all the mess from the prior rain??