Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hard Working Boys

What have my boys been doing lately?

Well, they’ve been pulling out nails from boards to reuse, hauling off shingles and roofing materials when they tore off the roof, and cleaning up trash from the work site.

P5100791 P5100792 P5100793 P5120824 P5120826 There’s plenty of stuff to keep them busy for sure and they’re loving it!  They even had a friend helping them this week.  Thanks Avery!!


Anonymous said...

Boy heaven!

Cinnamon said...

Hey I was just going to write "boy heaven" and I looked up and saw ~knit1kids4~ already did :-)


Anonymous said...

this is one thing I truly love about homeschooling.....teaching our boys how to really work. I think it's so cool that they will already be handy when they get married. You can't get that sort of learning sitting at a desk. Plus they are probably having a ball!

Jenn said...

I know those boys were loving every minute of that. Mine aren't old enough to really help in that area (pulling out nails), but they LOVED being our trash cleaners.