Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trying to Keep Our Heads Above Water

Construction is in full swing at our house.  It has been a very crazy week or shall I say crazy few weeks.  Between the construction, school work, managing the children, managing the home, I’m just trying to keep a float without drowning.  Between the construction, work, preparing each week for his Sunday School lessons, manage the home, spend some time with his wife and children, Rob is just trying to keep a float without drowning. 

This week we had a new friend and her girls over on Monday.  We were supposed to eat lunch a friend on Thursday but had to cancel due to the craziness of the week.  Turns out we would have had to cancel anyway because we woke up to a flat tire on the van so we were stuck at home.  We had a field trip planned for Friday to a strawberry farm but due some rain and two 90 degree days, it ruined the strawberries and the farm to had to close so the field trip was cancelled.  I scheduled a play day at a local park to replace the field trip but we couldn’t go due to the flat tire.  Rob would have fixed it on Thursday evening but the spare would not release from under the van so he had to take the flat tire to get repaired leaving us with only 3 tires on the van. Worked out good because we were able to get some extra cleaning done and spend some time just playing outside.

We know that this trial will pass and we trust and completely depend on Christ for our strength to endure each and every day.  That’s been our week.    I’ll leave you with a few pictures I took yesterday of some of the children.







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The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Praying for you, Amy. It is a rough time for your family. It is a comfort to know, our God only places things in our lives for our own good and His glory. You will get through this, God will grow you in Him during these trials. What better gift is that? Know that you have a friend who is lifting you up daily...