Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What’s the Kids Been Doing?

We’ve been really busy as most of you know around here with all of the construction.  Haven’t had a lot of time to blog or comment on some of the other blogs I read.  Thought I would share a few pictures of the kids and what they’ve been up to lately.

Here’s “little” Asa eating some snacks after lunch.


Sarah likes to come and eat them for him!!

P5201156 P5201160

They been out building things out of the scraps of wood left over from the work.


Definitely a place of enjoyment for the boys!!!

Tate working on a ladder, Cai standing on one of the ladders pretending to work (before his accident), and Abram with his cross.

P5201165 P5201170 P5201167

Sarah walking around in one of her brother’s shoes!


Emma helping Cade pick up trash and scraps for the dumpster.  She was a very good helper that day.


Here’s she is with her sunglasses on because “it’s hot”, pink crocs. and some work gloves!


Fetching more wood.


Busy working and of course Sarah had to come check out what was going on.

P5201181 P5201184

Tate and Ian with one of the ladders they built.


A few more pieces of their projects.  It think some of them were suppose to be little tables.


You can tell that they have been having lots of fun and been working really hard.  They help pick up trash and clean the work area up every day because grown men don’t seem to do it! 


Anonymous said...

I bet it is crazy having all those workers about and the children. Looks like they are taking advantage of the time to build and create though!

Pat said...

I love Emma's work attire - feminine yet durable!! I've missed your daily posts. Thanks for the pics.

The Munck Family said...

What fun for the boys, boys really need to be active and on a task. This is great! Their little helper is just beautiful. Asa and Sarah, oh so cute as always...he looks like he is almost as big as her. Ya'll have been a busy family.

Tracy said...

All so big! Love the ladder!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Gotta love Emma! Miss Personality!!!
What fun times for the boys and a chance to let their creativity "run loose"! Like their tables and ladder. Next time we are in town we will have to come over and have a picnic on their homemade tables!!!