Monday, June 14, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 10

This week the rest of my window were installed. 


P6060271  P6070310 P6060273

The shop and house were prepped and ready to be bricked. 

P6070294 P6070301

Wednesday, the bricklayers came and got started bricking the shop.  They had it together.  You could tell they were a team who worked well together.

P6080313 P6080317

P6080324 P6080340



P6080335 P6080338 P6080343

A picture of teamwork!

Can you see the bricks flying in the air?  The man would stack four bricks on top of each other and toss them to the man on the platform who was making the stacks for the bricklayer who was laying the side of the shop.  Yes, the worker caught all four bricks each time.

The kids were enjoying watching this from the window inside.  In fact, I took the picture from inside, too.


They finished the shop on Friday.  (3 half days and they had it completed.)  It looks great.  We are very pleased with the bricklaying.  In fact, Rob talked to many people this week who have used these guys for years and everyone only raved about them.

They will start on the house Monday and are supposed to be working whole days.  They had to complete another job last week in the afternoons.  I’m guessing the house will be fully bricked by the end of the week as long as the weather holds out.

P6110037 P6110046 P6110048

The shop was taped and floated once this week.  The humidity has been so high that they hadn’t been able to complete the sheetrock in the shop.

P6110040 P6110041

The plumbers were out this week roughing in the house addition.  They put the bath tub in upstairs and got the new hot water heater in place.  They will be back out on Monday to try and wrap the next stage up. 

P6090355 P6090356 P6090357

The roofers finished the entire house early in the week except for some places around the dormers.  That will be completed after the bricks go up and caps are put on top of the windows. 

We have some AC work that needs to be changed/corrected so hopefully that will be done as well.  We were able to get the inspector to let us go ahead with the bricks even though the rest isn’t ready for inspection.  He can’t come and inspect the next stage until the AC. plumbing, and electrical are finished.


Anonymous said...

The throwing of the bricks sounds like fun to watch!

Kristy said...

How exciting! The work must give the kids something to watch all the time!

Cinnamon said...

Looking good. I love the part about the brick layers, what a fun way to do the job :-)


Jenn said...

I hope the brick layers don't accidentally drop a load of the bricks on their toes. OUCH!! Lots of progress this week. It is getting close.