Monday, July 5, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 13

It seemed like there wasn’t a whole lot done this week but after looking at the pictures it looked liked more.  Really there wasn’t as much activity at the house during the day by outside people but more labor by Rob and the kids.  I guess that is how it will be until we’re finished since the construction is winding down.  Once the workers are finished, we will still have much to do such as caulking and painting the entire shop, patio, and addition plus flooring the addition. 

This week Rob and Ian worked on more of the insulation.  They aren’t finished but will finish soon.  This has to be completed for the sheetrock to be installed.

P6270525 P6270530 P6270526


Do you remember the small patch of stucco that needed fixing?

(Not sure what’s wrong with the color in this pictures!)


Well, our sheet metal man knew someone who came out and took a look at it for us.  He has his own stucco business and gave us a good deal on the job.  At least, we thought it was reasonable.  In fact, it was much cheaper than I thought it would cost.  We already had paint that the previous owners left for the stucco so we are going to paint this area ourselves.


The plumbers finished up this week on their work for the inspection and all leaks are supposed to be fixed!

P6290547 P6290552

Even though we haven’t painted the patio yet, we opted to have the fans installed so we could have some coolness outside while working. 

Also, my family is coming in town this week to throw a party for Tate and Abram on Thursday which is Abram’s actual birthday.


P7010601 P7020627

The sheet metal man finished up our window this week.  Now, we just have to get the roofers to come back out and finish the roof around the five dormers.   This should make our house water tight which will be great.  We’ve still been having issues with water in the addition but not in the house.

P7010608 P7020623

We’re waiting on the inspector to come out and inspect the plumbing (electrical and A/C already passed) and the roofers to finish the windows .  Then, the sheet rock will be installed.

We’re still very busy trying to get the yard cleaned up from all of the trash and debris left over from all of the work.  We have the backyard pretty tidy and the grass mowed so we could have a few people over along with my family on Thursday.  Slowly but surely it will get done!

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Jenn said...

WOW! It looks so nice. I can't believe how it is coming along. Won't be long now. Have fun with the family gathering.