Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday!



To my third born, I love you dearly.  I wasn’t sure you belonged to us when you were born with such dark hair which fell out and came back blonde.  We had two with red-hair and just knew that you were supposed to have it, too.  You share your blond hair with your youngest brother, Asa, and your two sisters.  You were hoping for a brother with hair like you and you got it.  

You are Tater Bug, Tater Tot, Tater Gator, and Stuffed Tater.  We love you, Tater Eighter Tot :)

Happy 8th Birthday, Tater Bug!


Candi said...

Happy Birthday Tater Bug! Cole wishes you a happy day too!

The Munck Family said...

Happy Birthday a day late Tate! Hope your birthday was fantastic!!