Monday, July 12, 2010

Tate and Abram’s Party

My aunt, uncle, and my mom came down to visit on Wednesday and throw a birthday party for Tate and Abram on Thursday (Abram’s actual birthday).  They brought the decorations, provided the food, and the fun. 

Here’s some of the decorations that my aunt’s students made for for their Diego themed party:

 P7070007 P7070006a P7070008

P7070013 P7070018 P7070014


P7070001 P7070028 P7070002

We had a chicken tray, fruit tray, vegetable tray, little deli spirals, rotel dip, chips, and little BBQ smokies. 


Their cake:


Opening presents. 

We were able to get enough of the yard cleaned up so that we could have a few friends over to celebrate.  Normally, they have there party in N. LA where our family leaves with no friends unless The Lindsays are in town, too.  I was very thankful that the sun was out all day so the kids could enjoy the yard and we could use the patio :)

P7070036 P7070043 P7070044

My aunt (my mom’s sister), my uncle (my mom’s brother), and my mom


Blowing out candles.

The second picture was staged since I wasn’t able to get Tate in the first picture blowing out the candles!

P7070070 P7070071

The kids had a good time.

Our family left on Friday and took four of the boys with them to visit for a week.  I’m sure they are having lots of fun. 

I know what you are thinking…What’s she going to do with 4 less kids?  Well not much because the 3 youngest are with me which requires a lot more work and attention on my part.  Their entertainment and my help are gone for a week!!!

We’ll get some extra stuff done and have some fun.  I plan on spending some extra time with the four that are with me.


Mountain Mama said...

Happy Birthday Tate and Abram!!

Looks like a very fun party with very yummy food.

Enjoy your time with the 4.

Kristy said...

Wow, family who come with food, gifts and decorations, and leave with half the children....sounds like great family!!
I know what you mean though - when Jalyn isn't here, my main helper and playmate for Joshua is gone. Jacob is a bit too old to be his playmate, but at 11, Jalyn is it! So it is hard at times to see her go even on an overnight trip!

Anonymous said...

we spent a lot of time with mom