Monday, August 30, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 21

This week the work picked back up.  The cabinets for our bathrooms were delivered and installed.  The electrical work is almost finished in the house.  Just waiting for the fan to be installed in Rob’s mom’s room.  The electricity is turned on so we have lights…yay.

These are the cabinets in the downstairs bathroom.  The cabinets for the upstairs look identical except the vanity cabinet is a little smaller due to a little smaller bathroom.

P8260045a P8260047

A few of the lights that were installed.  The first one is in the stairway and there is one like it in the hallway upstairs.  The downstairs hallway has recess lights.  The second picture is one of the two fans in the large room upstairs plus it has 9 recess lights.  The third is the tiny fan in Rob’s office.  It is so cute. 

P8260049 P8260052 P8260055

This is Emma and Sarah’s (also Asa but he doesn’t know boy/girl yet) new fan in their room.  We took down their nice Hunter fan and put it in Rob’s mom’s room and bought them a girly one.  They love it!!! 

Asa will only be in their room until he is big enough to move upstairs with the other boys. 

P8270064 P8270067

P8270073 P8270074

Saturday, Cade put primer on the bathroom cabinets downstairs.  He’s been our little painter :)

P8270057 P8270058 P8270078

Our garage window was repaired this week, too.  We had someone come out and measure for the marble around the tub upstairs this week.  It’s been ordered and they said it should be ready by the end of the week.  Once it is ready, we will schedule a day for them to come out and install the vanities and tub surround.

We are supposed to have the trim work completed next week.  The A/C is going to be finished so we will have air conditioning by the end of the week.  We will schedule the plumbers to come out and finish once we have the vanities and such finish.  We still have lots of painting to be done (original coats, second coats, and detail work) plus floors to be installed but we’re moving along.


The Munck Family said...

I enjoy these updates, neat to see how far ya'll have come in this addition. Love, love, love the girls (Asa) new fan, to cute! Praying for you an all the transition that is to come.

Tracy said...

YEah! the girl's fan. said...

Looks like some great progress - love the girls fan!

Mrs. Pat said...

Poor Asa - he will be scarred for life from sleeping under a "girlie" fan. HAHA The rooms are looking great!!

Jenn said...

Yippee!!! It is getting so close. That fan is just the most adorable thing I have ever seen. My girls would be in love!