Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wildlife & Fisheries Family Day

P9240270 P9240272a

Saturday, we went to a family day at the Waddill Wildlife Refuge Outdoor Education Center.  They had all kinds of booths including canoeing, fishing, shooting, archery, food, and sponsor booths with freebies.  Some of our friends met us there as well so it was fun hanging out with them.

Tate, Jonah, and Cai

P9240275 They had skeet shooting but you had to be at least 10 years old to participate.  Cade was the only one of the kids who was old enough to shoot at this activity.  He was so excited but had never done any skeet shooting.  He did great!  He shot 4 out 6 clay targets.

P9240284 P9240285

The next thing the boys got to do was to shoot BB guns.  All of the boys (except Asa) got to participate in this activity.  There was a line so Cade decided to sit this one out since he was able to do the skeet shooting.

Ian shot and hit the targets.

P9240303 P9240305

Tate, Cai, and Abram

P9240307 P9240308 P9240316

Jonah plus they had a camera crew filming for some show so the boys got to wave at the camera while they were waiting.

P9240319 P9240309

Sweet Leah


Next, the boys got to shoot 20 gauge shot guns at targets.

P9240331 P9240333 P9240347

P9240350 P9240337

Then, they were having a sampling of Louisiana cooking.  This shows the line of people lined up to get some food.

P9240354 P9240356 P9240359

Shrimp salsa, Venison and Wild Boar meatball sliders, and Catfish.  Believe it or not, it all tasted very good.   They also had hot dogs and soft drinks for everyone.

P9240361  P9240365 

They tried a little fishing in the pond.

P9240366 P9240367 P9240369

Then, they moved on to this swimming pool full of catfish for a little more fishing.

P9240386 P9240389

Emma got to do a little painting.

P9240392 P9240398


They had a falconry demonstration.

P9240410 P9240416

P9240432 P9240433

P9240434 P9240435

Me, Candy, and Sarah

P9240437 Rob and I


We had a lot of fun and the whole thing was free.  This was a great event for the family and especially the boys.  They had a blast!

This is why Asa, Sarah, and Emma were so exhausted after a long day from my Wordless Wednesday post:)


Katie said...

Way to go Cade!! That looks/sounds like such a fun day - and you can't beat free, either! :)

Cinnamon said...

You guys take the neatest field trips!! This one had all the makings of a fabulous boy day :-)


The Munck Family said...

I agree with Cinnamon, fabulous boy day. Although I have a couple of girls who would have liked it as well. I wish we had something like that around here.

Looks like you all had lots of fun, and I can see why the kiddos were so tired!

Hope your feeling well, and much is getting accomplished. You remain in our prayers!