Thursday, October 21, 2010

Corn Maze Field Trip

Monday, we went to the Cajun Corn Maze for one of their Home School Days.  They offer one in October and one in November.  There are lots of things for the kids to do besides going through the maze.  They added a few activities this year too.  They have slides, water duckies, a corn crib, cow train rides, pumpkin blasters, corn cannons, pig races, a petting farm, and an AG in the Classroom information area along with a covered pavilion with picnic tables.  We even got some free Kleinpeter ice cream!

There were almost 100 kids in our group this year along with several other groups who attended.  It was a great turn out and the weather was beautiful. 

Getting our information before we get started from Old MacDonald!

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Entering the corn maze

(They even had these great wagons for us to use to pull the little ones around through the maze.)

PA170041 PA170043a PA170046

PA170047a PA170049

Some of the kids that were by us while we were in the maze.


This man was way up in the air to help direct lost people around in the maze. 

PA170056 Candi looking for that perfect shot :)

(Photo taken by Ian)


Some of the boys

PA170065 018a

Race the little duckies

PA170072 PA170118


PA170074 PA170077 PA170080

Hmmmm, what are they thinking?

PA170083a PA170085a

Look at Joshua eating his picnic lunch with chopsticks!

PA170086 PA170087a PA170088a

Pig Races

PA170089 PA170090

PA170099 PA170100 PA170101

Cow Train

PA170103a PA170104a

PA170105a PA170112a

PA170127a PA170132

PA170106 PA170109 PA170111



Corn Crib

(Like a ball pit but with corn kernels)


PA170120a PA170135a

PA170145a PA170144a PA170145a

Candi and Cole


Me and the kids


PA170167a PA170169a

PA170170a PA170171a PA170174a

"Look!  I found an ear of corn.”


Asa spent the afternoon being pulled around in this wagon.


PA170181a This activity is a lot of fun.  We spent the day there to get our moneys worth :)  It is a little pricey when you have a large family but so worth it for a full, fun day.  When we got home, it was bath time.  They were covered in dirt.

(fun + dirt = a great day)


Katie said...

Y'all do such fun things!!! And that's really neat that they have a day just for home schoolers!

Mrs. Pat said...

Looks like you had a great time. I know all the mom's appreciate your hard work!!! said...

Did you see Jenn was there too?

Jenn said...

What a beautiful day it was!!! You got some good pictures. I think you posted more than I even took.

Tracy said...

How fun! Love all the shots!

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