Thursday, November 4, 2010

Boring Blogger

Boring Blogger…that’s how I feel these days.  Not a whole lot of things going on besides our normal days.  Haven’t taken many pictures either.  So, what have we’ve been up to lately?

Most days have been normal days of school, cleaning, playing, etc.  We did have some guests visit us this weekend.  My mom, aunt, and uncle came down for a quick visit.  We’re not able to travel there as much any more so they have been coming to see us more frequently.  The kids always look forward to visits.  It started with a special dinner that I prepared for them on Friday evening.  Saturday, we had the traditional donut breakfast. (Aunt Pat always gets donuts while she’s visiting.)  They treated us to lunch at Ralph & Kacoos.  Then, we had pizza for dinner.  My family left on Sunday.  It was a quick trip but we always enjoy when they visit. 

Tate had an eye doctor appointment this week.  He got glasses a little over a year ago.  We were patching his right eye for two hours a day for a year trying to improve his vision in his left eye.  It improved but slowed down by the end of the year. (It went from 20/70 to 20/40.)  We decided to do full-time patching for 2 months to see if we could improve it any more.  If it improved,  it would be great.  If not, we at least tried.  Well, he went this week to find out that it had improved to 20/30+.  We are going to continue the full-time patching for 8 more weeks to see if he is blessed with a little more improvement.  He has been a trooper during this full-time patching.  In fact, he has done better with the full-time patching than with the 2 hours a day patching.

Asa was sick a week ago.  He ran a low grade fever for several days which made him very cranky and fussy.  Thankfully, he is now doing well and no one else has had any of these symptoms.

I think that’s about all that we’ve been up to the past couple of weeks.  The next few weeks will be busy.  Really, the rest of the month will be busy.  We have a church camping trip, a Thanksgiving Celebration (home school activity), and time with family for Thanksgiving.


Tracy said...

Boring Blogger but not a boring life! :)

Did I miss the post where you talked about the completed house project and has your Mother-in-law or maybe it was grandmother in law moved in yet?

Cinnamon said...

Boring is good :-) sometimes~

When we started patching our oldest child years and years ago he was 20/100 :-) He eventually ( I think within 6 months of patching) got down to 20/30 and can see pretty well without glasses today.

How fun to have visitors!! I love them myself~ God has been so good to send us wonderful friends :-)

hugs~ Cinnamon

The Munck Family said...

Nope not boring, it's just life. As you know that is very full! Glad everyone is doing well, and I pray your November is filled with joyous blessing.


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

You are not boring...just busy and pregnant! Have a blessed day!