Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall Camping Trip 2010

Last Thursday, we went on one of our semi-annual church camping trips.  We always go once in the spring and once in the fall.  Here we are almost loaded up and ready to go.  It takes a lot of stuff for 10 of us to go.  Yes, we bring more than you have to have going camping but it’s fun :)

PB100001aHere’s Sarah waiting for us to pull out.


Asa was tired and didn’t wait for us to leave to take his nap. 


We had an adventure trying to get to the state park.  It took us twice as long as it should have taken us to get there due to a few chain of events.

We went by Walmart, looked for some of the portable ice buildings which are cheaper than the stores to get ice (the only one we found was not working), went by one of the families house to get some of there things because they couldn’t fit everything in their vehicle with people, and we went on a wild goose chase looking for something that flew out of our trailer.  Yes, someone pulled up beside us on the interstate to tell us that something flew out.  They were not able to tell us what or where it flew out.  We got off at the next exit and circled back a ways and saw nothing.  We got off at the same exit again and went further this time and circled back but found nothing.  We were hoping that it wasn’t anything important but it turned out to be one of our friend’s sleeping bags.  Yes, we did replace it!  However, we were very glad to reach our destination :)

PB100009 PB100015

Sarah and Adam along with Ian preparing his area for the two boys tents.

PB100016a  PB100019

Fogging Pastor Dale and Reg. Pastor Dale

He doesn’t like to be in the pictures but likes to take them of us early in the morning.  So, I went to grab my camera to catch him and my lens fogged up on me but I liked the effect!

PB110034a       PB110038

Grandma and Grandpa getting their morning hug from sweet Ella.


Here’s how Sarah likes to camp!

No, really she had a Regional singing competition that she had to go to each day during the camping trip for school in a town close by to our area.  She was getting ready to go but not in her flip flops :)


Rob with Asa and Emma plus Asa man being silly on the playground.

PB110091a       PB110092a

Happy Abram James and some of the kids from our group.

PB110093a PB110137a

Cai ripsticking :)

(even little Abram can ride but his picture didn’t turn out very well)



The oldest sister was just reunited with her family from the Philippines.  They haven’t seen each for about 2 years.

Fay, Giovanni, and Sophia


Playing in a big tree

PB110167a     PB110179a


Asa just couldn’t wait for naptime.  He fell asleep in his hi-chair.


Adam grilling us some chicken breast and me fixing salad in the background.


Enjoying the campfires!


Adam and Sarah with their marshmallows along with Chad and Amy with snuggly little Jacob.

PB110214a PB110217a

Gian with the smoke effect going on and Cai and Tate doing something silly around the campfire.

PB110219a     PB110226

Chad and Rob chatting away.


Little Monkeys

Abram, Gian, and Cai


Pastor Dale and Mrs. Pat grilling up our last meal of the trip.


Traditionally, our family has stayed and eaten lunch with them every Saturday before heading home.  We always have chili dogs/hot dogs together.  This year we had a couple extra families stay and join us for lunch. 

This year we had five families camping but our spring camping trip already has 9 families booked ready to go.  We had a great time of food, fun, and fellowship.  Can’t wait for the next one. 

Btw, we had the best weather we have ever had since we’ve been going camping.  It was cool enough for the campfire but warm enough for shorts during the day. (Sunny with no rain)


Cinnamon said...

Oh my Asa is getting to be such a little man. So big now!!

I had to giggle at your comment on my blog....about the 9th baby rocking your world. For me it was my 5th child that brought a screeching halt to my life as is and changed our entire routine. After that life was easier :-)

I figured it was just God giving me a nudge to make changes for the better, which they were.

Hope you are feeling great. Haven't seen any baby belly pictures of you yet? Are you hiding? hee hee


Kyle Webs said...

Looks like fun. (: