Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma!


To our first beauty that Our Father granted to this family.  We are so thankful for you!

You are so sweet and thoughtful.  Always wanting to help others.  Everyone said you would be a tomboy with all those brothers before you yet being girlie comes naturally to you.  You love your dresses and baby dolls wanting to be a little mommy. 

We pray that God Almighty would grant you long life, pure and chaste.  Most of all, we pray that you would be one of God’s children, serving Him all the days of your life. 


Happy 4th Birthday

Emma Ruth!!!


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Emma, I love you. I am happy we have the same birthday. I hope you have a good day.
I love you!
Happy Birthday!!!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Emma, I wish you a happy birthday! You are full of so much personality and spunk! My prayer for you is you would grow in the Lord. Watch your mommy and follow her ways, let her be your example of a godly woman who loves the Lord.

I love you!
Mrs. Christine

The Munck Family said...

Happy Birthday Miss Emma!!!

Your are a true Princess and daughter of our King, may you continue to grow in Him. Enjoy your day sweet girl!!!

Taryn said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!! said...

Happy Birthday Emma!

Mrs. Pat said...

Happy Birthday, Emma Ruth. I missed you in the nursery yesterday. I love you.

Jenn said...

Happy birthday!!

She is getting so big. That is a darling picture of her.