Thursday, December 2, 2010

Emma’s Birthday Party

Friday while we were in town visiting our family for Thanksgiving, we had Emma’s birthday party.  Her theme this year was Dora.  As usual, my aunt’s students made the decorations for the party.

Some of the decorations

SDC16073a SDC16074a SDC16075a

SDC16076a  SDC16077 SDC16078a


Her cake


My sister and Emma with my mom in the background SDC16079a

Snacking before supper

(Rotel dip, chips, fruit tray, and vegetable tray)

We weren’t that hungry after two days for turkey and dressing!

SDC16080a SDC16082

My aunt and Rob, Me and my mom

SDC16083  SDC16098a

Yummy pizza for dinner


Opening presents


SDC16104 SDC16105


Ian made a piñata for Emma.  Emma started while the others followed until it was busted.

SDC16119 SDC16126

My dad and Cade, Rob’s mom with Rob and Asa

SDC16132a SDC16133

Cake time

SDC16129 SDC16135a She had a great time.  It’s always fun to get together.


Mountain Mama said...

Happy Birthday Emma!
Looks like a super fun party.

8)(8 said...

Happy Birthday Emma! I love the Dora decorations. My daughter was a "Dora" fanatic.

The Munck Family said...

What a fun birthday, with such cute decorations. I could go for some rotel dip right now;-)

Hope your feeling well.

Jenn said...

You always have such great decorations. Another great party!!