Tuesday, January 18, 2011

33 Week Update


As of yesterday, I was officially 33 weeks pregnant. Today, I went to see my midwife for a normal check-up. We heard the heartbeat and they measured my belly. Baby boy Shelby was doing great. His heartbeat was around 154 beats a minute. I was glad that I passed my glucose test yet again.

I'm feeling good but more tired at night. I will go back in 3 weeks for my Group B strep culture and begin my weekly visits. I always enjoy when we get to weekly visits because that means that our little one will be arriving soon.

In a few weeks, I'll start going through and washing up all of the baby boy clothes for our new son. The children are getting more excited with each passing week.


ottszoo said...

so excited for you and your family! Do ya'll have a name yet?

knit1kids4 said...

Can't wait to see the little one!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Can't wait to meet the newest Shelby! These last few weeks always go by real fast...enjoy it, savor each kick and roll! I miss it!!! :(

8)(8 said...

Wow. That is exciting. I look forward to the photo.