Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stars Wars Field Trip

Monday, we went to the Lafayette Science Museum for their Star Wars exhibit.  Our homeschool group, Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers, meet and caravanned to the museum.  There were 75 of us all together with 20 of those being adults. 


The kids were able to ride the Millennium Falcon.  It was a simulator ride which allowed them to experience light speed!

I didn’t ride so I could stay out with my little ones but they rode with Candi and her family.  Candi provided this collage of their experience.  Thanks Candi!


Group shots:

The Shelbys

4x6-0111 659

The Shelbys and The Lindsays

4x6-0111 643

Here’s a photo album of our experience along with some the things we saw while we were there.  They had exhibits from all of the Star War movies.  On the second floor, the museum had hands-on activities for the kids to do such as building different robots and they were able to ride a special vehicle with a fan to experience the hover craft.

  I’m not a huge fan nor do I dislike Star Wars but I knew the kids would enjoy it.  I spent my time watching the kids, taking pictures, and visiting with some of the other moms.

After the museum, the Lindsays and us went to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch before heading back home.  These are just a few of the kids while we were eating.

Click here to see more pictures from our experience over at Life @ the Lindsays.


Anonymous said...

That trip was fun :-)

Tracy said...

So fun!!!!