Friday, February 11, 2011

Aquarium of the Americas

Saturday, we went to the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans with families from our church.  It was a great day of fun and fellowship. 
Here’s a picture of our group:
(Thanks Pastor Dale for sharing the picture!)
There were about 45 of us.
Group 2 (Large)
Walking through the aquarium tunnel.
Here a some more pictures from the tunnel.
P2040007 P2040009 P2040017
Can you see some of the children through the other side of the glass?
P2040021 P2040022 P2040024
Here’s Asa looking through the glass of the tunnel.  What do you think he sees?
He was watching the scuba divers that kept coming up to the glass entertaining him.  The first diver wrote “HI” on his writing board.  The other diver was feeding the string rays broccoli.  In the upper pictures of the diver feeding the sting rays, he was feeding them lettuce.
P2040036 P2040037
Next, we went into the Amazon Rainforest.  This is a very humid place so you don’t or at least I didn’t want to stay in there too long :)
6cdd0ad P2040055
African Penguins
Our crew in a shark’s mouth!
P2040072 P2040079 P2040087
I love seahorses so I love this part of the aquarium.  I had trouble getting some good pictures of the seahorses however Ian got a good one which is in his slide show below.
P2040076 P2040091
In the second seahorse picture, you could look in the tiny hole and see the eggs growing in the pregnant seahorse.
P2040095  P2040096
P2040098 P2040099 P2040102
See these seahorses.  I can relate to them right now.  These are very pregnant seahorses sitting at the bottom of the tank. 
Now, it’s play time for the kids.  They got to run around and play in play area designed for the kids.
P2040123 P2040124
You could pet the string rays. (Their barbs had been removed so they couldn’t sting you!)
P2040126 P2040127
Tate and Caleb
The white alligator
P2040156 P2040163
Hi there!  HAPPY FACE :) 
Don’t they look so happy!
Jelly Fish
P2040186 Afterwards, several of the families went to the Riverwalk and ate at the food court.  We even got to see a “show” at the Fudgery shop where they sing and make fudge right in front of you. 
Here’s a picture of Rob and my lunch.
(Shrimp Po-boy with Seafood Gumbo and half of a Muffuletta)
Ian wanted to take pictures with our smaller camera so I put a slide show of some of his captures.  I thought he did a great job for a 10 year old.

Here are some pictures that Pastor Dale took that has pictures of others from our church.


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