Monday, February 7, 2011

Help Needed and Update

We need your help!  Today, marks 4 weeks to the due date of baby boy Shelby and we have no names!!!

I thought I would ask my friends out there in bloggy/facebook land, if any of you might have any suggestions of any names that might go with the ones we have already.  Don’t forget it must go with Shelby!

Here are our boys names so you can get a feel for our flavor:

Cade Cameron

Ian Andrew

Tate Riley

Cai Daniel

Abram James

Asa McClain

Can’t wait to see what you come up with :)


Now, I thought I would update you on what’s been happening around here.  The Never-ending stomach bug seems to have finally left our house!!!  It lasted for at least 1 1/2 weeks around.  It was a nasty little bug who is not welcome back in our home.

We decided to go ahead and hire painters and a floor guy to finish our addition instead of finishing it ourselves.  It was a good learning experience for Rob and the boys but it was just taking Rob away from our family time too much. 

The painters started last week and should finish up the interior portion of the addition this week.  They are going to complete the exterior portion as well once the weather permits.  We need a few days of warmer weather.  Also, we decided to go ahead and paint the rest of the main house (except the original upstairs which is the boys area).  All of the downstairs of our home will finally have a little bit of color besides the neutral color that the previous owners painted the entire house before they sold it.  Don’t get me wrong.  It wasn’t bad.  It was just the same thing everywhere and we like a little bit more life.  They will get started on this part next week.  Trying to get it all finished before the baby arrives:)  Once I’m 37 weeks (next Monday), he is welcome to come before it’s finished if he so chooses.   I won’t complain!

The floor guys will come in after the painters are finished with the addition to complete our project.  They will finish the downstairs portion of the wood floor that needs to be completed, install the wood floors in the entire upstairs addition (except the  bathrooms…Rob tiled them), and put in our wood steps for the stairway.  Also, they are going to tile the two new hallway closets downstairs.  Then, the painters will come back and stain and finish the stairway.

YEAH!!!  I’m so excited that it is actually going to be complete within the next few weeks.  Can’t wait!  I’ll will finally be able to post the finished construction update with pictures of the addition and the before and after pics of the exterior of the house.

It’s going to be busy around here for the next couple of weeks but then we’ll be finished.  Baby Shelby will be here and we can settle back into a routine again, Lord-willing.


Kelli Z. said...

I noticed you had 2 C names and 2 A names so I thought I'd offer some T names to go with your other T name. There's a few others thrown in there too :).

Tyson (Ty), Tiernan, Trace, Titus, Ari, Miles

The Munck Family said...

The girls and I thought of Silas or many names to choose from. We really think Silas Blake Shelby, ah has a nice ring ;)Or either name? But we know whatever the Lord lays on your hearts will be the perfect time for your little man! Praying the days ahead are wonderful and the house gets finished before he arrives!

Tracy said...

Corbin, Breck or Truman.

I like the name Silas from above me!

Angela Girona said...

Bram Joseph Shelby or Liam Paul Shelby or Colin Stephen Shelby

Candi said...

I like Titus and Silas out of those suggested...What ever happened to Boaz?

Anonymous said...

I love the names Julian, Jude, Tanner, Ruston....

kerrie said...

My picks are Amos, Abel, Jude and Evan!
xo kerrie

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Issac or Evan (that is for you Cade!).
I do like Liam Paul.
Asher is good.

I like the idea Kelli Z. has...a "T" name...Timothy Paul, Tobias (God is good)...

What are some of your family names on the Preston side?

Oh my! Lots of choices! Can't wait to hear the final one!!!

Anonymous said...

I have no name suggestions... but praying all gets finished and baby Shelby comes soon!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is fun! You've gotten some good suggestions. My vote so far goes for Jude, Liam Paul, and Titus.
I always wanted to use Jack but we couldn't make it work for our boys.
I keep screaming out your boys names in my mind and adding in the potential baby name - gotta see if it flows when you're calling them all in from outside. :)

Cesar said...

I have always liked Peter - one of my favorites, thanks to C.S. Lewis. Other picks: Silas, Isaac, and Trent.

AJ said...

Senacherib (pagan king but cool name), Ahasereus (nobody will know hoe to pronounce it), Jethro ( everybody loves the Hillbilly that ate too much), Bartholomew (Bart Shelby, nice ring), Robert Jr. (they all look like him anyway), Haliburton (he might make billions), Obama (maybe at least your son will bring honor to the name), Acidophilos (it is a bacteria but it's fun to say), Armand (I only know wonderful people with that name), etc.

Whatever the name, he'll still be a blessing from the Lord!