Friday, March 18, 2011

Sweet Baby Blue

Here’s just a “few” pictures of my sweet Isaac in his baby blue.




P3170231  P3170235

P3170237     P3170239a

See the cute little booties that Isaac is sporting.  These were made for him by a sweet friend’s daughter.  Thanks Gabbi!!!


Thursday, we went to the pediatrician for Isaac’s first check-up.  (Ian, Cade, and Asa had check-ups while we were there as well.)

He is doing great.  He’s already 8 lbs 8 oz and 21 1/8 in long.  That means he has passed his birth weight already and growing well.

We are enjoying little Isaac.  He’s such an easy going baby.  The children adore him.  There’s always someone ready to help me out with him if I need it :)

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


The Munck Family said...

He's just so handsome!!!

So happy he is doing so well, and you have such wonderful helpers with many hands ;)

Cinnamon said...

He is adorable! He looks so healthy and alert. What a little cutie pie you have.

How are you feeling? Are you able to rest? Do you have helpers there? Aren't meals from the church wonderful!! I was so thankful for the 2wks our church brought us meals.

Praying for you to heal and rest. Praying for little baby dumpling to grow healthy and strong ♥

~hugs~ Cinnamon

Mountain Mama said...

Awww.... so yummy cute!


Kristal said...

He is so adorable!!!!!!!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

He is so cute Amy! I love those pictures with his eyes open!!!

I thought he looked like Cai or Asa at first, maybe Abram, but now he looks different.

Enjoy him!!!