Thursday, April 21, 2011

K-9 Field Trip

A week ago, our homeschool group, Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers, went to the K-9 Training Facility for a field trip.  This was probably one of the best educational field trips that we have had in a while.  The officers did a fantastic job with the kids and talking to them on the different levels regarding car seat safety, stranger danger, SWAT, and the K-9 dogs.

DSC_0225 Entering the facility


Here’s our group getting ready to start the car seat safety and stranger danger session.  We had right at 100 people from our group there with only 23 of them being adults.

P4130004 P4130005

Here’s one of the corporals starting the presentation.



DSC_0229 P4130008 DSC_0230 

P4130009 P4130010


After the presentation inside, we went outside for the SWAT demonstration.  They talked to the kids about what is SWAT and the different vehicles they use.  The kids were given a chance to ask questions, look in the vehicles, and hold the bullet proof shield.

 DSC_0239 P4130016 P4130015

DSC_0240 P4130019


P4130021a P4130024 P4130026

P4130023 P4130027

P4130032  P4130035

DSC_0253        P4130037


P4130040 P4130042 P4130043

After the SWAT demo, we walked over to the K-9 training course for a demonstration with the officers and their dogs.  We found out that all of these dogs are from overseas. (They don’t speak English!)  They only respond and take orders from their master/officer.  The dogs are always with their masters and live in their homes.  We learned a lot of info regarding their dogs but that would make for an even longer posts;)


P4130045 DSC_0261 P4130048 P4130065  P4130066


P4130068 P4130071 P4130072

P4130073 P4130074 P4130075

P4130076 P4130077 P4130078


Very Serious!!!


Getting ready to find the “bad” guy!


P4130091 P4130092 P4130093

P4130094 0411 442 P4130095


Sweet girls


Obedience and attack

P4130107 P4130109 P4130110



This was only part of our group at the end.  The field trip lasted for about 2 hours and 1 1/2 hours were outside in the heat so some went ahead and left. 


The field trip was awesome and the kids learned a lot.  Thanks to the BRPD K-9 division for allowing us to tour their facilities!

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The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

This was a great field trip! Thsnks for setting it up! But greater to me than the field trip was meeting little Issac! He is adorable!!! I look forward to June when we come again and I get to see you and the rest of the family again!!! Love you much!!!