Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Camping Trip 2011 ~ Setting Up

I’m trying to catch up the posts that I’ve been wanting to do the past couple of weeks.  These are from our camping trip that we did the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of Easter weekend.  I’ve broken it down into 5 posts due to the number of pictures.

We go camping twice a year with families from church.  (spring and fall) The first day is always busy with the setting up of the sites.

DSC_0230 DSC_0231 DSC_0232

DSC_0233  DSC_0236

Kids playing


Little Stinkers

DSC_0240 P4200003 P4200005 

More setting up

P4200007 P4200009 P4200030

P4200010 P4200012

Isaac waiting during set up and Isaac napping in his chair.

P4200017a  P4200028a

My husband, Pastor Rob, and Pastor Dale taking a rest.


Be on the look out for the next few posts from our camping trip!


Cinnamon said...

that looks like such fun! little isaac is growing. he is so adorable!


Jenn said...

I just love that red hair Isaac has. He is so adorable. I would love a picture of all the tents. I bet there were lots!

Me said...

Oh, this was one of our favortite places on our trip!!!! Such great memories.....we have been extremely busy with the move and everything, we still don't have Internet and no home phone either. Soon though, I hope. Been 'following' you on my cell phone, at least I can see & read what's been going on. You have such a beautiful family :)
Hopefully I'll get to blog again some time very soon, the picture, oh the pictures I have taken, it is going to take me some time to catch up.