Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Camping Trip ~ Daytime Beach

On the second day of our camping trip, we went to the beach during the day.  The park built a new water spray park so the kids stopped by there on our way to the beach.

P4210061  P4210062

P4210063 P4210065 P4210066


P4210067 The kids (especially the boys) loved going out in the water.  The water wasn’t deep so they could walkout pretty far due to the sandbars..

P4210075 P4210076


P4210077 Sarah and Asa

P4210079 P4210080

P4210081   P4210088

P4210083  P4210084

Gian and Giovanni

(Brothers burying each other in the sand.)

P4210089    P4210092

Here’s one of our moms who was willing to get wet for her little girl!


P4210096 P4210098 P4210100

Here’s some of the men from our group staying safe and visiting back from the beach waiting on us while the kids played.  Yes, that’s Isaac draped over Rob’s leg sleeping!


Making our way back “home”.


Yeah, only two more posts to go!

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The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Thanks for watching my children while I stayed at the camp with sleepy Zechariah! They had a blast!