Thursday, June 30, 2011

VBS 2011 ~ Random

Ok, this is the last post for VBS 2011!

Here’s some random pictures:

Miriam and Emma enjoying a snack together.

4x6-0611 656 (1) 


4x6-0611 713

Levi, Cameron, and Abram

4x6-0611 657

Snack Time :)

 4x6-0611 659 (1) P6170190 4x6-0611 664 (1)

Sarah and Micah on “Treasure Island” and Asa during lunch.

4x6-0611 724            0611 714

Candi and I waiting on the island with the treasure ;)

4x6-0611 739 

Pastor Rob aka my husband enjoying a snack, too.


Cai and Jacob

0611 720      P6170192

Crazy AJ

P6170187 (1)

Some of the children playing a game on the floor.

P6170211 (1)

Sweet Sarah and Sweet Ella


We had a great time at VBS this year.  I pray that the Lord would work in the hearts of our young people and that they would serve Him all the days of their lives.

Thanks again to Pastor Dale and Candi for sharing their pictures with me!!!

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