Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July Picnic ~ Badminton Tournament

Here’s some pictures from our church’s 4th of July Badminton Tournament.  We had 14 teams this year and played single elimination because it last all afternoon. 

Rob and I have been partners each year since we have been a part of Trinity.  Some years I’m pregnant and some years I’m not.  Some years we have won the tournament, played really well together, and some years not so much.  I play much more aggressive when I’m not pregnant so this year it was on!

Let the games begin!!!

Cade and Ian were a team again this year.  Unfortunately, they didn’t make it very far:(

_7030108a _7030112a _7030107a

_7030128a _7030139a _7030142a

watching the games



Dennis and Tate were a team.  They did pretty good.  My Tate didn’t let Dennis down at all. 

 _7030155a    _7030156a

Another husband and wife team, Chad and Amy

_7030168a _7030169a


_7030207a _7030215a

Luke and Craig

(Father/Son team)

P7030319  P7030322

Christine and AJ

(They came in from Texas to play in our tournament.  They used to be members before they moved away.  They are very dear to our hearts!)


Look at these action shots!!!!

P7040364  P7040393

P7040395  P7040402

_7030229a watching and cheering

_7030283a _7030117a

_7030310a _7030354a

Ok, here I am in action!


Carlo and Asa watching the games._7030380a 



Here’s the last two teams fixing to play for the championship:

Rob and I against Carlo and Melody.

I knew this was going to be a good game because you had two competitive ladies playing against each other!


P7040430  P7040431

P7040434 P7040437

It was a great game.  Both teams played tough.  They were ahead then we were a head.  We kept the lead until right at the end until they beat us…21 – 19!

Congratulations Melody and Carlo!!!

2011 Trinity Badminton Champions :)


This is always a fun part of our picnic.  We get serious and have a good time.  Looking forward to next year!


Gabbi said...

Congrats team Shelby for winning second year in a row. *applause*

Great teamwork.


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

You would have won if you were on the other side! The wind killed most teams on your side...I was watching!

Trinity is so dear to our hearts as well. True family...sure miss you guys! :(

And what's up with that picture of me? I look mad...I guess that's when I was feeling weak from heat exhaustion...