Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tate and Abram’s Birthday Party

Two weekends ago, we went up to N. Louisiana to visit our family.  While we were there, we celebrated Tate’s 9th and Abram’s 6th birthday with our family.

Here’s some of the decorations from the party:

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_7070063a   _7070065a

_7070068a  _7070071a

Sweet Emma


My sister, Kelly, with Little Isaac

_7070093a _7070096a

Crazy Cai


My mom with Tate and Sarah and Abram eating pizza.

_7070108a _7070109a

Tate aka Tater Bug


Abram and Tate both got new bikes.

_7070156a _7070157a

Cai loved playing on Abram’s new bike.



You can see how excited Tate was opening his presents:)

_7070168a _7070170a

Isaac chewing on Tate’s toy snake.


My man :)


Lighting the candles

_7070193a _7070195a


Silly Abram


My sister, Kelly with my Uncle Herbie and my Aunt Pat with Emma

_7070209a _7070211a

  After we left on Saturday, Cade, Emma, and Sarah stayed there with my family for a week to visit.  Aunt Pat brought them back that Friday and turned around on Saturday to take back Ian, Tate, Cai, and Abram so they could spend a week with them too.  We have to split them up since no one else has a vehicle big enough to drive them all around.  They will back on Friday evening.  Then, it’s back to our “normal” routine.

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The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Silly boy Abram!!! He's such a character! Love both of those boys of yours!