Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Family Vacation 2011 ~ Part 7

On Friday, Rob took Cai and Abram canoeing before we headed out for our 16 hr drive back home.  While they were gone, I was packing up all of our stuff to have ready for Rob to load the trailer and van.  Plus, I was straighten the cabin and making sure we left it the way we found it.

Getting ready to go out on their 3.5 mile trip.


Cai started rowing with Rob…

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then Abram switched with Cai to finish out the job.


They had a great time with daddy canoeing down the New River.

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Below you will see a patchwork quilt pattern on the two barns.  We saw them on barns everywhere we went.  So, Rob asked the guy who drove them to the drop-off spot when they went kayaking about the quilt patchwork.  He said, “It was from a Dutch tradition.  The Dutch believed it helped bring luck and good fortune with their crops.”

As I googled this, I found a different story.  Click here and here to see the other story.

Rob took this picture on their way home from canoeing.


I took this one down from where we were staying.


When they got home, they cleaned up, loaded up, and we started on our long way home.

Here we are outside our “home away from home” before we pulled out in the van.  It was a bitter, sweet good-bye!


Bye, Wildwood Flower!!!!


We drove to Bristol, TN or Bristol, Va, not quite sure which one because you cross a street and you go from one to the other, and ate a late lunch (lupper aka lunch and supper) before we made our really long trip back. 

Along the way, we had a few restroom stops and we stopped for a snack before bedtime.  The kids slept all night long just like they did on our drive there.  We made it home around 5:40 am.  We told the kids to go back to bed because Mommy and Daddy needed some rest.  About 8:30 am, little Isaac needed his morning meal and others started getting up too. 

It was a great trip.  We are so thankful to the Lord God Almighty who blessed us with this trip beyond our expectations.  Thanks again Mr. Guy and Mrs. Harvine for blessing us with your cabin for the week!!!


The Munck Family said...

What a wonderful time, it looks like it was filled with many fun memories!!! So happy ya'll could get away...even if we didn't get the joy to meet you this time around!

Hope your week back at home has gone smooth, have a super weekend!

Cinnamon said...

It all looks like a great time! Love the cabin and the canoe ride and the quilts. We have them here where we live. They are so pretty aren't they!

It must be good to get home again. Now you're home and we're off to southern Missouri for our week away, just John and I, with Rosie of course :-)

I never did get you that email did I? Incredibly busy week. Even now I need to be finishing up packing but I'm taking a break and catching up on what you've been doing :-)

So glad you all were able to enjoy this time together.


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

I am so happy the Lord blessed you with this trip! He always provides in the right and perfect time!