Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trinity Fish Fry

Last Saturday, we had a church fish fry at our house.  It was supposed to happen on Labor Day but due to Tropical Storm Lee  we had to postponed it a couple of weeks.

It turned out to be a beautiful day with comfortable temperatures.  Down here in the South, if the suns out and you can stand outside without sweat pouring down your face, it’s a lovely day…at least for me:)

They cranked up the fryers on the back porch of Rob’s shop.  They had four of them going in order to cook all of the fish, hushpuppies, french fries, and tater tots.

 _9160019 _9160020

_9160021 _9160022 _9160023

_9160024a _9160025a

_9160026a _9160027a


The men worked and visited during the frying.

_9160032a _9160033a

They cooked hot dogs for anyone who didn’t want fish.

_9160035a _9160038a


Pastor Dale looks like he’s giggling in this picture.  Really it was him just giving me a big, funny smile because I asked him to look at the camera!


Time to eat

(Everyone brought sides and desserts to eat along with the fried stuff.)

_9160044a  _9160045a



Asa man ate like a horse.  Every time I looked at him, he was eating something!!!


_9160050a _9160051a _9160052a

Poor little Jacob was tired and took a nap in the swing hanging from the tree near the patio.


_9160058 _9160059

Silly girls…don’t you know that your momma doesn’t like you to play in the sand!!!


The boys got a game of football going along one of the sides of the house.  We also had horseshoes set up on the other side of the house. 

_9160064 _9160065

Cameron Bob


Sweet Ella Bella


Dessert table

_9160071 _9160072

Nicole made this cute fish cake:)


We caught Cole playing on the patio with a big piece of fish in his hands.  One of the other little people thought he needed to eat some more so they came him a whole piece.  He was so cute and content just enjoying his fish.  Until I came to take his picture and he threw it on the ground!!!


Sweet baby Chloe


Oh, he woke up from his swing nap!

Little Jacob


Melody, Grace, Vanessa, and Chloe


We had kids playing cards around the table in the breakfast area earlier in the day.  Here’s Luke and Cade playing chess:

_9160090 _9160091

It was another great fellowship.  We enjoyed our time with our church family and friends.  Thank you Lord for providing us with a beautiful day with “cooler” temperatures.

Thanks to our men who fried all of the food!  It tasted delicious.


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

With Mr, Jimmy there working on the fish...I know it had to be good! I have NEVER liked fish except his!

Looked like it was a wonderful day! I am glad you guys had a nice time! Lord-willing, we will be there for the next!


Kristal said...

Looks like a great time of fellowship!