Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tai Kwon Do Field Trip

Two weeks ago, our homeschool group, Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers went to a field trip at David Vincent’s Martial Arts.  The kids got to participate in a 40 minute class.  Then, they got to watch a demonstration by some boys from our group that compete for this studio.


My friend, Tiany, who is also part of our group set this field trip up for us.  Her boys are students at this studio.  Thank you for doing this for us!!!

  Here are three of her little cuties who helped out with the class and did a demonstration for the kids:

Dominck, Micah, and Ashton


You can see through the mirror that Mr. Vincent has all of the participating kids lined up listening to instructions before they begin their class.


Getting started


_9290043  _9290044


_9290046  _9290048

_9290051  _9290052





_9290078   _9290077   _9290079

_9290091a _9290092a

_9290093a _9290094a


_9290096a _9290108a


Here’s some of the moms watching through the glass:


_9290119 _9290120 _9290122

_9290125 _9290126 _9290127


Lined up in rows for the last part of the class using the bags.

_9290156 _9290157

_9290158 _9290159


_9290169a  _9290175a

_9290180a  _9290181a


_9290205a  _9290209a

Getting ready for the demo

Their demo was done to music.  They did an awesome job for the kids.  Candi got some video of them.  You can check out her blog for more pics from our field trip.


_9290221 _9290222

_9290224 _9290227 _9290228 _9290229

_9290231 _9290234

_9290237 _9290242

_9290261  _9290268

_9290269  _9290270

This is their father, Troy, helping out during the demo.



Our group minus the adults and smaller children who didn’t participate:


After the field trip, many of us went to a local park for a picnic lunch and a time of play.  It was a beautiful day with terrific weather for the park.  It was a great day for learning and playing.

Thank you Mr. Vincent for allowing our group to come to your studios and enjoy a time of learning at no charge.  We truly appreciate your time. 

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Cinnamon said...

That looks like so much fun!! You take awesome field trips!!