Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Camping Trip 2011

Two weeks ago, we went camping with other families from our church.  I didn’t take as many pictures as I normally do.  I think this was mostly because I didn’t feel very well during this trip.  Thankfully, I’m feeling much better now.

Here’s little Isaac playing while daddy and the boys are setting up the tents.


_B090002 _B090003

The little ones run around and play while the older ones are working.

Emma and Asa


_B090007 _B090009

_B090016 _B090025

_B090026 _B090028 _B090030


Friday morning, we took a short walk to one of the playgrounds so the kids could play.

_B100033 _B100035


_B100042a _B100043

_B100046 _B100048

Mrs. Pat, Me with Isaac, and Faye


_B100058 _B100062

There’s a really old tree next to the playground that the kids love to climb every time we’re there.

Here’s our monkeys tree climbers:

_B100067 _B100068 _B100069


_B100074 _B100073 _B100075


Rob and Mr. Carlo


Sarah and Ella

_B100094  _B100095

Faye holding Isaac


The boys got a football going in the clearing by the playground.


Mr. Carlo wearing silly 3D glasses.



_B100103 _B100106

Friday afternoon, Rob, the kids, and I went for a walk to the Alligator Marsh Boardwalk. 


Rob and I with all  of our children minus Tate (he took the picture) and Giovanni.  Plus, a picture of the Rob and I.

_B100113a      _B100118a

On our way to the boardwalk


_B100124 _B100130


_B100133 _B100134

Isaac was so excited while daddy was trying to put him in the carrier.


What are the kids looking at?


_B100139 _B100143

They found crabs all in the water.

They were everywhere.  These crabs were pretty big. The kids got to watch them run along the bottom sideways and bury themselves in the dirt.

_B100146 _B100148

_B100141 _B100142

_B100149 _B100150

Notice the sign!


Yep, we spotted a gator way out in the water!


Our gang minus me with Giovanni.


Our gang



Me and Cade


_B100184 _B100186


Heading back

_B100191 _B100202

Thursday is spent mostly getting our site set up.  We enjoy supper and a campfire at night fellowshipping with the other families that came.

Friday is our day to explore and play.  We enjoy another group campfire. Then, Saturday is the day to take down our stuff and pack it back up.  We always enjoy a hot dog lunch with Pastor Dale and Mrs. Pat before heading back home.

It’s always a lot of fun.  The kids have a blast.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling very well during our trip and it was cold the first night.  Thankfully, we planned easy and quick meals which made for quick clean-up.  This made it more enjoyable. 

We’re already booked for our spring camping trip!  Does your family do any camping?

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The Munck Family said...

Your trips always look so fun, glad ya'll had a great time. Sorry you were sick!