Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shooting with Daddy

Last week, we went to visit my family for Thanksgiving.  We had a great time.  It was a little different for us because it was the first time we’ve stayed with one of my family members.  Ever since we’ve been married we would stay at Rob’s grandparents house.  They had a room for us and a room for the kids set up.  After Rob’s grandparents passed away, it became Rob’s house but we let his mom live there.  She was already living there with his grandmother (her in-laws) after his grandfather died.  After Rob’s mom passed away, we decided to sell the house since we couldn’t keep up two houses especially that one being 4 hours away.

We had a good visit.  Rob, the four younger children, and myself stayed at my aunt’s house while the other 5 children rotated between my mom and my uncle’s house. 

While we were there visiting for a few days, Rob took the five older boys out to our land to shoot guns.  They were so excited!!!!  My kids love guns but some of them haven’t ever shot real ones.

Abram and Cai


Rob getting the target ready.

_B230004 _B230008


Explaining some gun safety and instructions

_B230012 _B230014

Cai getting ready to shoot.

_B230030 _B230031


My uncle taking a shoot.


Ian’s turn

_B230048 _B230049


_B230056 _B230057

They took my camera and the boys took turns taking pictures.  I was at home with the little ones.  I think they had a great time.  The next day they went exploring on our land.  I don’t think they took any pictures.  They enjoyed it too.  Two of the boys ended up wet from falling in the creek that goes through it.  That was a no brainer!!!  It was already predicted earlier that day;)


Mountain Mama said...

What a fun dad/son thing to do! Great memories.

Cinnamon said...

Great boy moments with Dad!! Love it!