Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas with Family

Monday after Christmas, my mom, aunt, and uncle (all siblings) came down for a visit.  The reason you don’t see any of Rob’s family is because he doesn’t have any immediate extended family still living.  However, we enjoy time with mine. 

My aunt loves to do stockings for the kids.  She has a stocking for each one of them and always makes a new one for any new Shelbys.

Stocking Time

_C260090 _C260091

_C260093 _C260095


_C260097 _C260098 _C260099



Before dinner, we opened presents.

_C260119 _C260125

The bracelet that Ian made for me.  He made one for each one of the grown-ups.


_C260126 _C260128


_C260132 _C260133

_C260134 _C260142

_C260141 _C260144

This was the biggie this year.  Uncle Herbie and Aunt Pat got the pink Jeep for the girls for Christmas.  We told them to close their eyes while they were bringing in the Jeep.


Emma didn’t wait long to open her eyes but Sarah kept waiting.  She didn’t realize that we said open them.  They LOVE it!!!  However, they should have taken driver’s ed first;)

_C260147 _C260149

Getting ready to eat

(Set and ready for all 14 of us.)


Our feast

(Ham, turkey, baked beans, stuff potato casserole, left-over dressing, grapes delight, rolls, praline cheesecake, death by chocolate, rocky road bark, haystacks, and peppermint bark)

_C260154 _C260153

Here’s the gang minus me enjoying our dinner together:

(I enjoyed mine with them but I had to take the picture.)


We had a great visit.  They stayed for several days.  We enjoyed a delicious supper at Ralph & Kacoos for Cai’s birthday during the visit.


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Cinnamon said...

I love your bracelet. How sweet!

What a fun Christmas. Looks like everyone got something fun.

Love all your pictures.