Saturday, January 28, 2012

Skate Galaxy

Last night, we went to Skate Galaxy with some friends.  It was a great night for the kids to hang out and play especially for Ian's 11th birthday. He even won the race for his age group which included a free game of laser tag.


My mom, aunt, and uncle came in town to visit and celebrate Ian’s birthday.  They came to help watch the little ones at the skating rink.

My mom and my aunt holding Isaac.  Then, I caught my aunt holding Sarah and Isaac on the side of the rink so they could watch the skaters.

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Candi and Craig

I took one of Candi with her baby bump since she only has a few weeks left before she welcomes their new little blessing.

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Uncle Herbie with Asa watching the skaters and Asa “driving” a car in the arcade.

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  Laura and Anneka




Here’s my man, Rob, skating backwards around the rink.  Yes, he’s still young at heart:)


Candi glanced over towards the arcade, but this was all see could see. So, she took a picture in honor of Cade.


Look at Luke go!!!  PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Miriam and Emma went around many times. It was just so funny when they tried to help each other out. PhotobucketPhotobucket
It was so sweet seeing the older boys helping the girls when they could. 

As you can tell, Rob had his hands full most of the time.  He was the only adult skating between the Lindsays and the Shelbys.


The kids had a great time.  They haven’t been skating in a while but you couldn’t tell it the way they got out there and took off.  It was a bonus that it was Ian’s birthday, too.  He got to celebrate all weekend.  We went to Olive Garden for lunch on Saturday to celebrate with my family.

Thanks Candi for sharing some of your pictures with me!!!

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