Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Surprise Party

On Rob’s birthday, Ian and Cade made him a brownie with m&ms to spell out 40.


We made mini-cupcakes with Emma’s baking set she got for her birthday and a few reg. cupcakes for his birthday.

_1060147 _1060149

When he came home from work, we took him out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.  He wore the birthday sombrero while we sang, Happy Birthday.  Then, we went back home for dessert.


Last Saturday (the day after his birthday), we had a surprise party for him at our friends’ house, the Lindsays.  He thought we were just going over there for Craig to grill for his birthday.  I think he was expecting steak but Craig had grilled burgers and dogs.

We planned to be there first then everyone else arrived about 30 minutes later.  I wished I would have had my camera out and ready to take a picture of his face when he realized it was a surprise party.

Cai came running past us under the patio telling us that some of our friends had just pulled up.  He didn’t know we were having a party either.  Rob had a puzzled look on his face like, “What!”  Then, I went out and told Cade to go out and direct traffic for parking.  Rob’s puzzled look became even more puzzled!!!  Candi  looked at him and said, “Surprise!” 


The spread

_1070153 _1070154

I had invited a few of our friends along with our church families.  We had a great turn out!  Most of our church was there so we ended up having thirty-something children and twenty-something adults.

_1070155 _1070157 _1070158

_1070159 _1070161

_1070163 _1070164

This was his birthday cake.  Amy C. from church made it for me.  I think it turned out great.  If you can’t tell, Rob loves chocolate:)


Me acting like I was going to eat the cake before we sang,” Happy Birthday.”


_1070178 _1070180


Having fun

_1070151 _1070156

_1070188 _1070189


Thank you so much for allowing us to use your home for the party!!!


Playing some football

With all of the boys there, they got a football game going in the backyard.

_1070183 _1070185


_1070192 _1070196


_1070195 _1070197

Cole was caught red-handed with his wiener!


Asa taking a phone call.

Kids are so funny how they copy what they see;)


It was a great day.  I was so excited that we were successful at pulling off a surprise party for Rob.  Thanks so much to all of you who helped make this day very special!!!

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