Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another 40th Birthday Celebration

A few weeks ago (Yes, I’m a little slow posting!),  we celebrated Craig’s (Candi’s husband) 40th birthday on his actual birthday.  It was a last minute party due to the fact that Candi thought her new little bundle would have made “her” arrival  by this time.  However, she waited to arrive on her due date and her big sister, Miriam’s birthday.

A island full of yummy food:)


We celebrated with jambalaya, white beans, salad, bread, cheese dip with chips, and hummus.  

_2170175 _2170176

For dessert, we had kid desserts and adult desserts since there were 25 kids between the four families.  The kids had king cake, cupcakes, and double doozie cookies.  Candi asked me to make the adult desserts.  We had a praline cheesecake and triple chocolate toffee torte.

_2170149 _2170164


_2170154 _2170155 _2170156



Candi makes me smile every time I take her picture.  She always has a great smile ready.



Candi put on all 40 candles for Craig to blow out.

(Before and after)

_2170161 _2170177a

Yes even at 40, Craig was able to blow all the candles out in one breathe!!!


Triple Chocolate Toffee Torte

(He loves chocolate just like my man, Rob.)


My man getting ready to indulge in dessert.


Present Time

_2170165 _2170168

Candi waiting for her new bundle of joy.

(Melody Pearl was born 6 days later on her due date.)


Craig with his goodies:)


Happy 40th Birthday Craig!!!

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Anonymous said...

That Triple Chocolate Toffee Torte looks fantastic! Looks like it was a fun night!