Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baton Rouge Zoo


Last Thursday, we went on a field trip to our local zoo with our homeschool group, Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers.  This was our first field trip for us to wear our new shirts.

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Playing in the water around the world


Two precious little girls

(one is 3 months and the other is 3 weeks old)

_3150181 _3150182

_3150184 _3150186

Candi said I should get this shot since it’s our mascot in our logo.


Going to see the tigers


My Fabulous Five



Some female tigers:)


_3150206 _3150208

Sarah and Katie Faith/Laura and Elliott

_3150210 _3150212

My cutie patootie, Isaac


Isaac and Cade



_3150233 _3150234

This momma was guarding her eggs yet she built her nest right next to the fence.

_3150273 _3150279

We thought this was the funniest thing.  Look at this bird’s huge foot!!! It just kept standing there on one foot posing.



_3150285 _3150286

Gigantic Tortoises

(That first one walked over to the second one and opened it’s mouth like it was fierce or something.  The other one who was bigger just looked at him like, “Whatever!”)

_3150288 _3150289

As part of our field trip, I had scheduled an “ed-zoo-cational” program for our group.  Since our group was so large, we had to schedule two back to back hours for everyone. 

We did the Web of Life: 
They learned about the triangle: Producers, Primary consumers, Secondary consumers, and Tertiary consumers. (If I remember correctly…wink, wink!)  They had live animals representing each one and the kids got to pet 3 of the 4 animals there.



A cute chinchilla

_3150299 _3150298

A Blue Tongue Skink

_3150302 _3150301

An owl

(Sorry, I forgot the type of owl.)

_3150305 _3150307


A Madagascar Cockroach

_3150316 _3150317

After our program, it was lunch time.  A few of our families went back out of the zoo to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Here’s turtle mound…at least that is what I called it.  We saw them on our way out of the zoo for lunch.


After lunch, we went back in to look at a few more things and let the kids play at their nice playground.


_3150380 _3150387


The Shelby and Lindsay Group Shot

(The Shindsays)

4x6-0312 613

Ian took this photo of the giraffes.  Our newspaper and the zoo are having a photo contest right now so Ian entered this picture for the children’s division.  If you would like you can click on the link at the bottom of this post to vote for his picture.  You can vote once a day through Mar. 25th.


Christine and her girls

(Christine and her five lovely children came in town and stayed with us for 4 days.  It was fun having them visit and join us on our field trip.)


It was a beautiful, sunny day.  The highs were in the low 80s with no rain which made for a great zoo trip and a few sun-kissed children.

Don’t forget to click on the link below to go vote for Ian’s photo!!!

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