Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday Party Fun


Two weekends ago, we went to a birthday party at the Lindsays for two of their boys, Luke (9) and Levi (5). Can you figure out the theme?

Candi loves to be thematic and always does such a great job with her theme parties.   Look below and you will see!

_3240033 _3240036

_3240034 _3240037

_3240035 _3240038



Silly boys watching the game

(Isaac and Cole)


_3240043 _3240044

_3240051 _3240053


Candi and Melody


Silly Allison

_3240049  _3240050


Do you see the baby swapping/passing around from person to person?  She is loved:)

_3240059  _3240065



Sitting in the shade


Ping Pong Fun


_3240071  _3240072

_3240075 _3240076

_3240077  _3240079

Yes,  the party wouldn’t be complete without the baseball piñata and the swinging of the bat for candy!!!

Giving instructions


Listening to the instructions


_3240092 _3240097


_3240103 _3240105

There were two piñatas.  One for the younger kids to hit and one for the older kids to hit.  Rob only took pictures of the younger kids.

It was a great party!  As always, we enjoyed spending time with our friends.  Thanks Candi for another great party!!! 





Candi said...

Love the picture of Isaac & Cole...guess they're going to be best "Shindsay" friends

The Munck Family said...

I'm telling you we need to live closer...we would invite ourselves to the party ;) Looks like it was a blast!

Cinnamon said...

What fun! Melodi is so beautiful and Candi looks wonderful.

We love pinatas. We use to do them at every birthday. Such fun for the kiddos.